Take an analytics-driven approach to manufacturing and reduce operational costs, improve plant floor productivity, and increase vehicle quality. Collect customer data via maintenance records, in-vehicle telematics, and social media as well as feedback from internal and external stakeholders. That helps you assess the value of existing products and services, identify opportunities to enhance them, and surface ideas for new products and services.

How it works

  • Use capabilities for master data management, workflow management, and predictive analytics to analyze different types of data in real time from disparate sources.
  • Integrates and synchronizes upstream and downstream processes and data to anticipate, control, and react to demand and volatility within the supply chain.
  • A comprehensive product and portfolio management system models investment decisions and prioritizes projects that provide the most business value based on customer priorities and market conditions.
  • Applies a value-driven approach to product and service development to reduce risks, respond more quickly to customers, and evolve products and services in ways that improve business results.

How you benefit

With Smarter Planning & Operations, the transparency created within the supply chain will help you predict and react to potential supply shortages immediately, better manage risk, and increase revenue of after-sale business by ensuring availability of the right parts.

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