This solution enables you to personalize and deepen customer relationships, and increase revenue by developing value-add services. Make insight-driven improvements to your marketing, sales, service, and product development functions by leveraging the wealth of data generated by vehicle sensors, vehicle applications, and driver interactions.

How it works

Using Watson IoT platform based on open standards, along with cloud and mobile technologies, we can help you integrate data from vehicles, devices, and systems, so you can:

  • Develop new services to create an integrated customer experience based on connected vehicle data
  • Achieve new levels of personalization by creating one-to-one dialogue with consumers
  • Connect the automotive experience to the larger ecosystem of connected devices and services
  • Deliver insight into vehicle operation by analyzing in-vehicle data and repair data

How you benefit

Our solution uses Watson IoT platform based on open standards, along with cloud and mobile technologies, to make it possible for you to develop new services and business models. Ultimately allowing you to provide drivers with greater safety, service, and convenience.

Success story

Michelin achieves worldwide operational standards with IBM Maximo


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