Develop, validate, and manufacture products that meet the desired functional and financial targets through optimal use of resources. Locate and access all data across the lifecycle, regardless of location, to perform analytics.

How it works

Using a range of software, infrastructure, and services, you can optimize the flow and value of information across engineering disciplines, geographies, and business areas. That leads to increased innovation, faster decision making, accelerated delivery of complex products and systems, and greater business agility.

How you benefit

This solution allows you to create dynamic production lines, move smart products autonomously from one CPS-enables module to another, and enhance productivity — ultimately allowing for early market entry.

Success story

Bosch Automotive uses Collaborative Lifecycle Management for faster resolution with less rework


IBM IoT Continuous Engineering

IBM’s engineering solutions deliver capabilities to help engineers build the smart, connected IoT products that support business transformation.


A model factory

The next industrial revolution is here. Explore a model factory to see how you can avert issues and optimize uptime with Industry 4.0 and IBM.


Driving digital destiny

The automotive industry is transitioning from a vehicle-centric to customer-centric view. This reinvention requires auto organizations to establish new focus, new expertise and new ways of working.


Industry 4.0 meets Watson IoT

See how Watson IoT can help your things feel less like things and more a part of your essential manufacturing processes.

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