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Monetizing digital disruption through consistent connected experiences

90% of executives anticipate their industries will be disrupted by digital trends.*

Learn how a disruptive business model can accelerate critical organizational transformation and drive competitive advantage.

Client stories

Using IBM Garage™, Volkswagen leveraged data from cars to improve customer experiences.

24/7 connected services helps reduce downtime, faults and provides detailed performance and usage information.

IBM Garage helped McLane innovate and create new revenue streams out of existing assets.

Solution areas

Disrupt business models

Move faster, work smarter, ideate more rapidly and fundamentally change the way you work. Co-create with IBM industry experts and explore emerging, connected technologies.

Build a connected enterprise

Improve all aspects of your business and advance your digital transformation with AI and IoT.

Redefine customer experiences

Create consistent, responsive and personalized experiences for your customers and employees with a leading enterprise AI virtual assistant.



The CEO talks about how connected vehicle technology is bringing new life to disconnected cars.

Securing privacy for connected cars

Connected vehicle technology helps auto companies provide personalized customer experiences but how can you mitigate security risk?

Stay ahead of digital disruption

Transformative digital technologies are altering, and in many cases, reinventing industries.

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