Create a seamless, connected experience for your customers

90% of executives anticipate their industries will be disrupted by digital trends. Read the full report to learn how a digital shift can help you create consistent compelling experiences and open up new areas of revenue.

Reinvent business ecosystems

Visionary organizations look outside their industry to adapt products, develop new business models, and fundamentally change the way they operate. Those that adopt a customer-first approach and learn to use digital technology — including cloud, cognitive, mobile and IoT — can exceed consumer expectations and create a seamless system of interconnected products. Become a visionary organization by starting with an IBM Garage.

Make decisions with confidence

By 2020, Gartner predicts there will be more than 470 million home appliances and 250 million connected cars around the world. The vast amount of information products collects is useless, however, if there's no way to garner actionable insights. Industrial products companies that figure out how to successfully decipher the data will unlock new value for customers and reach unprecedented levels of business performance. See how Whirlpool harnesses IoT sensor data to make better products.

Reduce costs and deepen customer loyalty

Eighty-nine percent¹ of consumers will take their business to a competitor after a single negative service experience. What's more, 61 percent of failed customer support calls could have been solved with better access to data. Customers expect a great experience across channels and IBM's AI-enabled solutions can deliver resolutions.

Client stories

NetApp worked with IBM to build a virtual assistant that makes real time digital customer service possible across all devices using IBM® Watson® Assistant technology on IBM Cloud™.

Whirlpool harnesses the power of the IBM Cloud to build, connect and continually improve smart appliances.

Panasonic teamed with IBM to build the Digital Concierge Platform using IBM Watson technology on the IBM Cloud to develop innovative AI solutions that create personalized guest experiences.


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