Digital Acceptance 

Transform the customer journey and drive operational
efficiency through electronic document exchange and

The Digital Acceptance Differentiation

Double customer conversion rate for contracts issued

Reduce the sending, signing and settling of documents from weeks to hours

Reduce the use of paper and more than halve document handling costs


APRA Level Security Compliance

IBM Digital Solution has aligned to the core requirements set out in APRA Shared Computing Paper and APRA Outsourcing Standard, to ensure the risk/governance is covered.

Private Cloud & On Shore

Data residency and sovereignty is critical for APRA compliance. It is also configurable to personalise the solution to meet each customer's unique business, security and integration requirements. It protects each organisation's core systems.

All-Encompassing Branding

Other Public Cloud solutions have simple white labelling and shared URLs, which means a poor brand and user experience. A lack of trust will arise due to the redirection of customers away from your website. IBM, however, provides a full, seamless experience on your organisation’s owned and branded URL.

Standard Banking Modules

Workflow, branding and configuration engine is built to support purpose modules including personal loans, mortgages and business banking - these are live in the market.

Commercial Model is "pay by the drink"

with a zero upfront CAPEX option. Ensuring that investment is aligned to business value on a per transaction basis.

Operational Management

Public Cloud systems have little or no visibility of contracts in play. The IBM solution provides full lifecycle management of contracts, driving higher conversion rates and allowing collaboration for business workgroups or broker networks.

Digital Transformation Engine

The solution allows for repeatable build of use cases and configuration – we are able to deliver a new case, on average, every 6-8 weeks. The IBM solution supports ongoing enhancements within the same commercial model while maintaining control of release management and minimising risk of regression costs.

Customer Experience

IBM Digital Acceptance provides a markedly superior customer experience compared with traditional loan application processes, replacing branch office attendance, paper - based documentation and postal service delays with the mobility, flexibility and efficiency afforded by real time electronic document delivery

Solution Spotlight

IBM’s Digital Acceptance Solution is a unique offering for organisations to better serve their clients, as well as improve productivity for their staff. It is aligned to the needs of digital transformation, by accelerating a key step in the customer journey. The solution was born in banking, yet has the capability to transform any current paper based exchanges, in any industry.

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Damien Hudson

Damien Hudson
Associate Partner, IBM iX