Executive summary

Lives ride on the safety of the aircraft sensing, landing, and hydraulics applications.

“The stakes don’t get higher or the regulatory environment more demanding,” says Bernadette Saysette, the company’s supervisor of engineering tools and process. “I have to make sure we’re up to the task; that our engineers across the globe can collaborate efficiently throughout application development and testing and that all their work is documented and auditable by the FAA and customers.”


Engineers needed to increase the speed, quality, and predictability of their processes.

“We are constantly adapting to customer needs,” says Saysette. “In such a dynamic environment we have to be able to speed development, trace requirements and demonstrate regulatory compliance.”

Issues relating to integrating Crane’s embedded software with other aircraft systems amplify the challenge, adding complexity and raising traceability and reporting issues. Saysette, though, points out that such complexities don’t inoculate Crane from day-to-day operational concerns. “While we’re focused on safety we still have to make customer deadlines and worry about budgets.”


IBM Rational software enhances collaboration and automation among teams.

Crane has decades-long experience with IBM Rational DOORS® software, managing both the functional and integration requirements for its applications. The company deployed IBM Rational Team Concert™ software recently to provide its software engineers with a unified, collaborative global platform for application development and testing. IBM Rational Publishing Engine software helps the company maximize the value of Rational DOORS software by standardizing and automatically creating the Rational DOORS documentation and facilitating organization-wide access to it.


Crane reduces testing report-times from days to hours and increases predictability.

Crane software engineers anywhere in the world are exporting module-specific Rational DOORS requirement documents in Rational Publishing Engine software. “It’s a centralized, shared platform, so there’s consistency of tools and methods, making our software development and testing processes repeatable and much more efficient,” says Saysette. Reporting times, in fact, have been cut from days to just hours. And with product lifetimes measured in decades, Saysette takes a long-term view toward utilizing the IBM Rational tools. “We need to maintain those programs, so the stability and quality of the tools are very important as is our relationship with IBM.”

Solution Components

  • IBM® Rational® DOORS®
  • IBM Rational Publishing Engine
  • IBM Rational Team Concert™
  • IBM Rational Quality Manager

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