The IBM Hack Challenge

Presenting a mega hackathon hosted by IBM India. The #IBMHackChallenge is a technical hackathon, open to all the budding talented engineering students and 0-3 years IT professionals across India who are interested to participate and test their technical skills. Participate with your team to win some exciting prizes and stand a chance to get selected for an internship/employment opportunity.

Participation Criteria

  • The participation is open only to students and IT professionals with 0-3 years of experience.
  • All UG and PG engineering students of any branch or discipline can participate.
  • The participants can be from anywhere across India.
  • There can be a minimum of 2 members and maximum 4 members in a team.
  • One team can work on any one problem statement only.
  • To work on more than one problem statement, register again with a different team name.
  • All submissions should address the expectations given in the respective problem statements.
  • All submissions should be made in public github repository and submit the link on the registration page.

Prize Details

  • The shortlisted top teams will get a chance to present their solutions to Senior IBM Executives in person, however outstation teams can choose to make their presentations over a video call.
  • There will be 4 winning teams in total.
  • Prizes worth INR 40,000 will be given to each winning team.
  • Selected top performing individuals could win a chance to be evaluated for a potential internship or employment opportunity with IBM India#.

Submission Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria

  • The submission of all the collateral (document, code, presentation, etc.) should be done on in a public github repository with appropriate details mentioned in the README file of the repository
  • You should submit both idea and the coding together.
  • A single github repository is to be used for uploading all the documents by a team and the github link needs to be submitted under ‘My Programs Page’.
  • To visit My Programs, click on the login icon at the top right corner and select My Programs from the list. Once you are on ‘My Programs page’, go to ‘In Progress’ tab and click on view/edit problem statement to upload the Github link.

The Idea:

  • The participating team is required to upload a document (.docx/.pdf format) detailing about the how they would interpret and bring out novel implementation, its business impact and unique value proposition derived so that the idea brings some value/change to existing processes.
  • The document should not be not more than 2 pages, with font size of 12, single spacing and Times New Roman font, and it should only consist of the following details:
    1. Name of the problem statement opted to solve.
    2. Team size and team members.
    3. Problem statement defined in simple terms.
    4. Scope of work in the opted problem statement.
    5. Technologies/Platform/APIs planned to use.
    6. The role of each team members.


  • The evaluation will be done based on the functionality of the solution, UI design, functional requirement being implemented in the solution (completeness of solution), APIs used etc.
  • The participants are required to upload the solution (MVP) including appropriate documentation, presentation and a video (on solution developed) on in a public repository with the following details:
    1. Code with solution manual (readme document).
    2. Implemented components defined from scope of work.
    3. Business value derived-outcome of work in simple terms.
    4. Video of working solution.
    5. Undertaking about originality of submitted work.
  • The solution will be evaluated for
    1. Whether the solution is working or not.
    2. Completeness of proposed definition of work.
    3. Unique value proposition being embedded.
    4. Whether solution can be used as is (deployable) and scalable.
  • To submit github link, visit the hackathon registration page

Important Note:

#IBM, at its sole discretion, may consider some of the top performing individuals for a potential internship or an employment opportunity. The opportunity will only be offered to the candidates whose profile is matching with our requirement criteria, existing internship and employment opportunities, and subject to IBM India’s hiring and internship policy and process.



Q: Who can participate in the IBM Hack Challenge?
A: Any engineering student of any discipline from any college across India and all IT professionals in India between 0-3 years of experience can participate.

Q: How to participate?
A: Click on the registration link on the hackathon page, fill the necessary details and submit. You will be asked to sign up to create an IBM ID in order to register for the hackathon.

Q: Is there a limit on the total team size?
A: Yes, a team cannot have less than 2 and more than 4 members.

Q: Can a team work on more than one problem statement?
A: Yes, but you need to register again with a new team name to participate.
Note: The team name should be unique.

Q:When can we start submitting?
A: You can make the submissions as soon as you finish both the idea and coding and uploaded the files on the public github repository. To submit your github link, visit the hackathon page and login with your registered ID. After logging in, go to My Programs Page –> In Progress Tab –> Click on View/Edit and upload your github link. Note: Submissions should be made before the given deadline.

Q: Will there be an extension in the submission deadlines?
A: The timelines are fixed. In case if it gets extended, we will announce it under updates tab.

Q: Is there any guidance provided in terms of understanding the technology and the problem statement?
A: Yes, you can join online webinars for understanding the problem statements and how to make use of technology to develop projects including webinar on IBM Cloud and IBM Watson services. Webinar details will be announced under updates. Team can also join slack channel using the links given in problem statement.

Q: Will there be any face to face presentation for the participating team?
A: The shortlisted top teams will be invited to present their solution in person at IBM office, Bangalore. However, the outstation teams can choose to make their presentations over a video call.

For more queries, get in touch with us:
For general hackathon queries, reach out to us on Facebook
For technical queries please join slack channel, click here

Here are the results of the #IBMHackChallenge. Thanks to all the participants for making this a big success.


The Winners of IBM Hack Challenge:

Team Members Team Name College
Akash Shendge
Brogrammers IIIT, Bangalore
Prateek Verma
We Are Awesome IIITDM Kancheepuram, Chennai
Satyam Jay
Jaismene Verma
Brainstorm School Of Research And Technology, Bhopal
Ramya Ramanathan
Ram Rohan R
Moodseek RVCE, Bangalore
Anirudh Konduru
Aravind B S
Straightouttakengeri RVCE, Bangalore


Special Category Award Winners:

Team Members Special Cateogy Team Name College
Manjot Young Coder Award JavaMonks Christ University, Bangalore
Ramya Ramanathan
Aakanksha Ashok
Best All Girl’s Team award BollyBuff RVCE, Bangalore
Anubhab Mondal
Amit Saha
Best UI Award Void_Main RCCIIT, Kolkata
Prasanth Gelli
Anil Raj Thota
Raja Rahul Maddula
Jury Award Seizure Lovely University, Jalandhar
Satyarth Ojha
Shivam Chandra
Prashant Kumar Upadhyay
Jury Award BackStreetBoys BIT Mesra, Ranchi
Animesh Sharma
Jury Award Lone_Wolves BIT Mesra, Ranchi

Problem Statement 1: Movie dataset analysis
The challenge is aimed at making use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in interpreting Movie dataset. The dataset made available to participants is on the scripts of the movies, trailers of the movies, Wikipedia data about the movies and images in the movies.

Click here to download the detailed problem statement.

Problem Statement 2: Method-trace Analyser
The challenge is aimed at developing an application to assist developers in debugging code. Method tracing is one of the commonly used post-mortem diagnostic methods to identify problems. It consists of timestamp of entry and exit points for each method invocation. They may also contain stack-trace for each invocation. Depending upon the time for which trace data is collected, the file-size for these traces can be huge. Parsing them manually is a time-consuming and error-prone task.

Click here to download the detailed problem statement.

Problem Statement 3: Help me with my mood

Help me with my Mood with Social-media Health Analysis and Display Engine (SHADE).

With the advances in technology about sentiment analysis and predictive analytics, it has opened many avenues for researchers and enterprises to understand human mental state better. The proposed challenge is to know the emotion/mood of a person, to help in eliminating any negative state of mind that might have adverse effect on his/her daily life.

Click here to download the detailed problem statement.

Problem Statement 4: Background extraction in image processing algorithm

GPU off-loading using OpenMP for background extraction in image processing algorithm.

There has been some quick progress made in Artificial intelligence and Deep learning which had been made available due to advancement and availability of GPU technology. This presents a challenge to the conventional programming model as the architecture is no longer homogeneous. Programmers may not want to deal with different ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) in a single application if they want to offload the compute intense part of the application to the GPU or other devices. A programming model that makes the underneath hardware transparent and provides a high level of usability is needed.

Click here to download the detailed problem statement.