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What do intelligent workflows mean for supply chain?

Intelligent workflows increase process efficiencies to make your supply chain more agile, transparent and responsive for employees and customers. Intelligent workflows improve supply chain performance by strategically integrating proven business-process-transformation methodologies and emerging technologies — like advanced analytics, AI and blockchain. With intelligent workflows and the right process improvements, you can learn more from your supply chain data to proactively mitigate disruption, simplify the way supply chain professionals are recruited and retained, give teams the tools to focus on higher-value tasks, and deliver more effectively against business goals.

Evolve your supply chain processes

Organizations that continually refine processes by implementing business process improvement solutions deliver better business outcomes, even in times of change. IBM can help you evolve supply chain processes through intelligent workflows to reduce operational silos, respond to market disruptions, mitigate risk and maintain business continuity. Through process improvements, some IBM clients have reduced inventory costs by as much as 50%. IBM experts have the deep industry and domain expertise and proven co-creation methodology, (called IBM Garage), to improve the interactions between your people, data and processes in supply chain planning, sourcing, manufacturing and fulfillment.

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IBM and Chemonics deliver $742.6 USD million in lifesaving products by building a smarter supply chain.

Kraft Heinz

In the IBM Garage, Kraft Heinz and IBM develop solutions that connect products to consumers, using intelligent workflows.


BASF increases supply chain visibility and improves portfolio monitoring and optimization with cognitive cloud technology.

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IBM Supply Chain Consulting Services

Evolve your supply chain with intelligent workflows to create agile, smarter ways to reduce the impact of disruptions.

IBM Continuous Intelligent Planning

Simplify supply chain planning to improve forecast accuracy, minimize lost sales and reduce overhead.

Build a more resilient supply chain

Forrester Study: Reinventing workflows

Learn how to drive greater business impact by implementing business process improvement solutions.

Reduce supply chain vulnerabilities

COVID-19 has driven home the need for smarter supply chains. Learn how intelligent workflows can help you manage through disruption and prepare for an uncertain future.

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