What is managed file transfer?

Managed file transfer (MFT) is a technology platform that allows organizations to reliably exchange electronic data between systems and people in a secure way to meet compliance needs. These data movements can be both internal and external to an enterprise and include various types, including sensitive, compliance-protected or high-volume data. It can be offered as software or as a service.

MFT is a more reliable and efficient means for secure data and file transfer, outpacing and outperforming applications such as file transfer protocol (FTP), hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) and other methods.

Learn why FTP can prevent you from reliably connecting with the people, systems and data that matter to your business.



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Get high performance, security-rich, point-to-point file transfers that can eliminate dependency on unreliable file transfer protocol (FTP) exchanges.


File Transfer Service

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Manage a single, security-rich, highly reliable cloud-based connection between you and your B2B partners for simpler, scalable transfers.


File Gateway

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Consolidate disparate file transfer activity and facilities, making them easier to integrate with your internal systems.


Partner Engagement Manager

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Simplify business partner and supplier collaboration with this open, extensible SaaS-based solution that provides better visibility into activities, costs and performance.


Secure Proxy

Secure and shield your trusted network by preventing direct connectivity between external partners and internal servers.

Control Center

Tracks the critical events across your B2B and managed file transfer infrastructure for improved operations, customer service and B2B governance.