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Gain flexibility, scalability and cost efficiencies to innovate faster by moving to cloud

With over 100K successful migrations, IBM has a proven approach to help you migrate, modernize, and digitally transform your business. IBM Services can help you:

  • Migrate existing workloads and apps to any cloud—public or private cloud, IBM or non-IBM cloud
  • Modernize traditional applications using containers, microservices and API enablement 
  • Multicloud and infrastructure management and data modernization
  • Built in security from the start 

IBM Services and Red Hat

IBM and Red Hat are announcing new capabilities and tools that help clients with rapid, secure application modernization and containerization helping clients build applications once and deploy anywhere.  We’re addressing the key dimensions of technology and integration, data sovereignty and scalability to deliver sustainable benefits of Cloud. These new IBM Services are being delivered by one of the world’s largest teams of Red Hat certified-consultants and practitioners to advise, move, build, and manage clients’ workloads to open, secure, hybrid multicloud environments.

Webinar: How to accelerate your enterprise to a next-generation hybrid multicloud platform

Brochure: Unlock the true value of hybrid multicloud for business (2,9 MB)

IBM Services' cloud migration experts help you achieve:

IT operational cost reduction

IT operational cost reduction

Up to a 30% reduction in IT operational costs

Unlock new revenue

Unlock new revenue

Up to 20% unlocking of new revenue

Faster app time to market

Faster app time to market

For an improved user experience

Cloud migration: Migrate to cloud with confidence and avoid vendor lock-in

IBM Services offers standard and modularized services to drive reduced cost, repeatability, predictability, and high customer satisfaction. We provide multicloud integration – IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM API – enable customers to start small and expand into more complex and higher value migration services, and set up disaster recovery, back-up and others to ensure BAU functionalities in case of failure.


Featured Service
IBM Multicloud Migration Services
Simplify your multicloud migration – do it with confidence and gain flexibility

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Cloud modernization: Accelerate your digital journey by modernizing your applications

IBM Services provides an end-to-end garage method to accelerate and automate modernization activities. We can help you modernize your application portfolio based on APIs, microservices, containers and DevOps for faster time to market, improved user experience and optimized cost.


Featured Service
IBM Garage
Meet the challenges of cloud adoption and transformation for the enterprise by using strategic services and proven methodologies from the IBM Garage.

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Deeper insights on cloud migration and modernization

Transforming global networks for hybrid cloud

IBM's hybrid cloud SD-WAN solution can help you achieve a true global network.

Always-on: Hybrid cloud platforms for network

Find out how IBM's new software-based solution can transform your network.

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