Student Development Programs

The Program infuses important software capabilities that are industry specific and market relevant. Read on to know the capabilities and accompanying courses. While the Program is continuously evolving and adding on new capabilities, currently the course and teaching offerings are built around some critical identified capabilities:

  • Enterprise Application development – using IBM Rational tools (RAD, RSA, DB2, WAS, IBM Smart Cloud, includes Java and J2EE learning)
  • Enterprise Mobile Application development - using IBM Worklight (includes HTML and Dojo learning)
  • Turning Data into Insights – using IBM Business Analytics (IBM Cognos Insight , IBM Cognos BI , IBM SPSS along with the live cases for learning)
  • Big Data and Analytics – using IBM InfoSphere BigInsight
  • Cloud Computing - using IBM BlueMix Platform
  • Software Quality Management and Automated Testing - using IBM Rational tools (RQM, RFT, RPT, includes SQA concepts for learning)
  • Information Management – using IBM DB2 database (includes Information Management concepts)

Faculty Development Program

Teachers are the biggest influence on students. Only an empowered faculty can create enlightened students and that is our endeavor at Career Education Program

The Faculty Development Program currently focuses on building following software capabilities:

  • Software Architecture and Design -using IBM Rational Software Architect
  • Enterprise Mobile Applications -using IBM Worklight
  • Business Intelligence -using IBM Cognos BI
  • Software Quality & Automated Testing -using IBM Rational Quality Manager & Functional Tester
  • Enterprise Applications for Cloud Environment -using IBM Bluemix
  • Predictive Analytics -using IBM SPSS

Software Technology Evangelization Program

The future looks bright for India’s economy, fueled by an entrepreneurial culture and youthful workforce, among other advantages.

However, a looming talent shortage could threaten that future. New technologies, ever changing skills requirements and outdated curricula are challenging India’s higher education system in its efforts to equip graduates with job-ready skills.

To address these challenges, India’s education leaders should consider providing faculties with requisite skills by partnering with industry, adopting new learning technologies and delivering experience based, applied learning. STEP program is in the same direction for our faculties who work tirelessly with our future workforce.

Lab Setup

Your stepping-stone into the professional world

The Experiential Learning Module is designed to provide students with hands-on experience on a wide range of technologies, while working on projects that emanate from real-world business scenarios. It not only helps them familiarize with industrystandard methodologies and technologies in use by distinct industries, but also helps evaluate and identify – from their own personal experience – the role and/ or projects that they are best suited to work on.

Key Benefits

  • Learn from industry practitioners from IBM who teach using live industry cases
  • Setting up a Lab with IBM on campus (focused on specialty areas like Big Data, Analytics, Mobility, Security, AI or a combination of such etc.) and use IBM software tools for training as part of the program (for education purposes) Conduct programs to develop additional skills of faculty members
  • Independent non-commercial research by faculty members (IBM program guidelines apply from time to time)
  • Course ware - books and material from IBM for students & faculty
  • Professional certification by IBM
  • Improving the Job prospects of students for global career

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