Business Schools

Transformation is the key to keeping pace with the ever-changing market. Current trends indicate the undeniable importance of technology in managerial decision making, along with the vital role that data plays in gaining competitive advantage.

Besides the in-depth focus on core management topics in the curricula of the Business Schools, the Career Education program emphasizes the importance of analytical skills and adds a broad layer of multi-disciplinary skills to every management course.

Key benefits of the Program

  • The Career Education Program imparts essential analytics skills which help research, interpret and transform businesses based on data, no matter which management field one is pursuing – HR, Operations, Marketing, Finance or any other stream.
  • Its modules in Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analysis , Big Data & Text Analytics and other relevant topics to develop skills that are applicable across a spectrum of fields.
  • The most unique feature of the Program is an IBM Business Analytics Lab set up in the college premises where relevant IBM Software is provided to run this Program.
  • IBM Subject Matter Experts also train the faculty members and students to understand the application of Analytics in business.

Follow IBM Career Education :

Follow IBM Career Education :