IBM Career Education Program

In a world, where there is growing demand for skilled IT professionals, the key to transforming today's students into industry ready professionals is to develop capabilities right from foundation level. To this effect, IBM Career Education Program has created revolutionary changes in academia, rapidly building industry-ready software capabilities that organizations need today and tomorrow.

The program is a comprehensive one with customized offerings for Engineering and Business Schools, students and faculty members, ensuring the right results & benefits by collaborating at various levels, be it curriculum Co Creation , software foundation skills, capability building or experiential learning.

With this initiative, IBM has partnered with various Colleges and Universities across India. Since 2011, the program helped more than 100000 students and faculty members Pan India.

IBM Programs to the College & Universites

Engg & IT Schools

This Programs infuses important Software capabilities that are industry specific and market relevant

Business Schools

IBM'S Software Group collaborates with various Universities & Institutes to roll out degree or diploma or certificate program

Collaborative Program

The Experiential Learning Module is designed to provide students with hands-on experience on a wide range of technologies, while working on

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Follow IBM Career Education :