Identity trust is crucial for digital transformation

96 percent

of security leaders say frictionless digital customer experience is a priority*

43 percent

of customers find the digital enrollment process too complex or authentication too cumbersome*

71 percent

of firms rate improving the security of customer-facing services and applications as high or critical priority*

Focus on the goals for digital transformation

Move fast to stay ahead of competitors

Move fast to stay ahead of competitors

Is your enterprise prepared with a frictionless, secure digital customer experience? High customer expectations and disruption from competitors are just two of the drivers for digital transformation.

Consumers want seamless user experiences regardless of whether they are using mobile apps, interactive kiosks or other digital interactions.


Fuel growth with digital trust

Security has to act as an accelerator, not a blocker, so the enterprise can attract new customers and increase engagement with existing customers.

New digital services and capabilities that augment existing offerings can mean more revenue, but security has to be baked-in to new services. Treating security as an afterthought can endanger your business or your customers. 


Streamline operational excellence for digital trust

Run leaner, faster, smarter

Operational excellence is the foundation for digital trust. You can’t secure millions of transactions with outdated technologies and methodologies.

Streamlining operations to become more efficient and using the right technology, people and skills ensures your organization can survive and thrive.

Trusted identities build business


Trusted user experience

Provide a frictionless, omnichannel experience

  • Great experiences build significant digital relationships
  • Combine excellent customer experiences with security
  • Increase brand trust and loyalty with positive experiences across applications

Business growth

Increase revenue, reduce risk costs and accelerate digital business

  • Gain more and new users for greater share of wallet
  • Don’t lock out risky users – check them out instead
  • Keep losses below target threshold

Operational excellence

Maximize the return on technology investment and ensure compliance

  • Operational efficiencies can boost the bottom line
  • Technology lets staff focus where you need them
  • Focus on security and compliance

Deliver digital trust offerings

IBM Security takes an integrated approach to digital trust, combining data discovery and protection, cloud-based access management, authentication, risk management, fraud detection and global threat intelligence into robust solutions.

Deliver digital trust resources

Building digital trust into better experiences - Unlock revenue opportunities through seamless, secure digital trust

High customer expectations and disruption from competitors are just two of the drivers for digital transformation. IBM can help you meet those expectations.

Do you know the five steps to delivering digital trust? Check out your knowledge.

*Source: iSMG 20218 Digital Trust Survey Report