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Cloud storage

An introduction to the important aspects of cloud storage, including how it works, its benefits, and the different types of cloud storage that are available.

IBM File Transfer Service

IBM File Transfer Service is a cloud-based managed file transfer solution for business-to-business (B2B) interactions.

IBM Spectrum Control

IBM Spectrum Control an integrated data and storage management software that provides monitoring and analytics for multiple storage systems

IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud

IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud software connects on-premises and cloud storage for a sophisticated hybrid cloud storage solution.

IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks

IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks delivers secure persistent storage resources for your Kubernetes and red hat open shift container environments.

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IBM Cloud Object Storage: Public

IBM Cloud Object Storage is an unstructured data storage service designed for durability, resiliency and security.

IBM Storage Utility Offering

With the IBM Storage Utility Offering, you only pay for the storage you use. With usage-based, pay-as-you-go storage options, IBM enables businesses...

IBM Storage Networking SAN32C-6 Fabric Switch

Learn how next-generation IBM Storage Networking SAN32C-6 provides high-speed Fibre Channel connectivity

File Storage

IBM Cloud File Storage is flash-backed, durable, fast, and flexible NFS-based file storage.

IBM Advanced Storage Management Suite for z/OS

IBM Advanced Storage Management Suite for z/OS to manage and monitor z/OS Storage Resources including Cloud Tiers.

IBM Cloud Block Storage

IBM Cloud Block Storage offers flash-backed, local-disk performance with SAN persistence and durability.

IBM StoredIQ InstaScan

Cloud data management for risk analysis and compliance check

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration lets you move terabytes to petabytes of data securely using rugged, 120-TB-capacity storage devices.

IBM Spectrum Storage Suite

Manage data growth and prepare for the cloud with a bundled suite of software-defined storage (SDS) solutions at a predictable, cost-per-terabyte...

IBM Cloud Object Storage

Enable AI workloads and consolidate primary and secondary big data storage with industry leading object storage.


Find out more about the IBM DS8900F enterprise data storage system, the next generation of enterprise data systems built with POWER9 processor...

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