5 signs your B2B business needs a modern order management system


Supports B2B complexity and your sustainability goals

For enterprises looking to accelerate B2B commerce growth, IBM Sterling Order Management enhances customer experiences, helps increase revenue and improves operational margins – all while supporting their sustainability goals. Leveraging multi-enterprise inventory visibility to help companies deliver perfect orders consistently, the solution reduces manual effort and costly errors through the digitization of fulfillment processes and the automation of workflows. Streamlining these processes prevents inventory wastage, reduces carbon footprint, and helps organizations operationalize sustainability.

Screenshot of alerts in a personalized dashboard in IBM Sterling Order Management software


Why choose IBM Sterling Order Management

Enhance your ERP

Fill critical gaps in ERP and commerce platforms, purpose-built capabilities and intelligence for complex, multi-enterprise B2B order management.

Adapt to any business complexity

Flexibly adapt your order management technology to your business strategy, rather than the other way around.

Improve scalability and performance

Lower your total cost of ownership with a roadmap that accelerates development and provides resource-light transformation and always-on commerce.

Built for your business


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions were not built to support order management, and many homegrown systems cannot scale to support demands for automation. True order orchestration allows you to manage incoming product orders without handling paper, and with the confidence to exceed customer expectations.

Aftermarket parts

Managing order orchestration with countless SKUs is a critical task, especially when you have contractual service level agreements to meet. An order management system that integrates and automates customer requests from order entry through fulfillment makes the most of your data.

Wholesale and distribution

Meeting digital commerce demands in an efficient and holistic way is challenging without a view of available-to-promise inventory. By creating a unified view of enterprise inventory, order management software can maximize productivity and improve fill rates across the supply chain.


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