Conduct inspections in real time on iPhone or iPad

IBM Services Software Inspector Portable is a native iOS or iPadOS mobile app that leverages the capabilities of IBM Maximo Visual Inspection to run Core ML models on iPhone or iPad, enabling handheld visual inspections. IBM Inspector Portable introduces the concept of inspection procedures that enable users to conduct multiple inspections as a progression of steps. Procedures can be easily created in the IBM Service Software Inspection Workbench companion app running on an iPhone or iPad.

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Determines defects without network connectivity

Empowers individuals to take action in real time to determine if defects, damage or other anomalies exist — even if offline using Core ML models running on iPhone or iPad

Deploys AI models to iPhone using 5G

Delivers Core ML computer vision models simultaneously to extensive workforces using 5G allowing users to perform inspections and stream results in real time

Enables multiple inspections

Performs multiple inspections in a sequential order as part of a procedure

Allows for manual procedures

Commences a procedure manually by entering a unique reference, scanning a barcode, or using optical character recognition (OCR)

Initiates procedures automatically

Enables continuous inspections through external system triggers that initiate procedures using MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT)

Monitors user progress

Provides users with the capability to monitor their progress through a summary view of all pass or fail results for each step of the procedure

Perform rapid identification of anomalies and defects

The IBM Inspector Portable app uses complex computer vision models that are developed on IBM Maximo Visual Inspection deep-learning platform to enable the rapid identification of anomalies and defects by capturing images using an iPhone or iPad. IBM Inspector Portable also can run Core ML models exported from Maximo Visual Inspection, enabling local inferencing on-device without requiring network connectivity.

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Capture photos and perform inferencing in real time

IBM Inspector Portable extends the value of Maximo Visual Inspection’s security-rich computer vision model training and implementation environment by using the integrated cameras available on an iPhone or iPad to capture photos and perform inferencing in real time. Configurable business rules can be applied to determine whether subsequent action is required — and viewed on an integrated dashboard.

Take advantage of advanced features of iPhone or iPad

IBM Inspector Portable is uniquely designed to take advantage of the advanced features of iOS or iPadOS devices, including the integrated high-resolution camera to capture images for training and running visual models as well as multiple connectivity options (Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE, Bluetooth and Ethernet with external adapters) that permit flexibility in how inspections can be deployed.

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How to get the product

IBM Inspector Portable app is available for download from the Apple App Store on any device that is running iOS 14, or later. The app can be licensed for use through Passport Advantage with an order for IBM Services Software Inspector Portable or IBM Services Software Inspector Portable with MQTT. Ordering this app through Passport Advantage provides entitlement for a license and support of the app.