Reduce operational costs with the new VSAM for z/OS Remote Source

High-throughput replication with integrity and consistency

IBM® InfoSphere® Data Replication provides log-based change data capture with transactional integrity to support big data integration and consolidation, warehousing and analytics initiatives at scale. It provides you the flexibility to replicate data between a variety of heterogeneous sources and targets. It also supports zero-downtime data migrations and upgrades.

IBM InfoSphere Data Replication can also provide continuous availability to maintain database replicas in remote locations so that you can switch a workload to those replicas in seconds, not hours.

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Centralized monitoring platform

Gain visibility into the performance of your replication environment with central monitoring. Quickly perform deployment and data integration processes using the simple graphical user interface (GUI).

Continuous, trusted data delivery

To prevent costly downtime and productivity losses, software data can be synchronized between two systems to provide continuous availability and data delivery to support critical business operations.

Increased business agility

Change data capture technology allows you to easily capture from logs and deliver critical dynamic data in near real-time, enabling you to make proactive business decisions based on current events.

Reduced costs

By continuously moving small amounts of changing data, you can save on system resources and network traffic, thereby saving operating costs.

Unlock IBM z Systems® data for AI and analytics using IBM data replication solutions

Unlock IBM z Systems® data for AI and analytics using IBM data replication solutions Watch the webinar

Key features of InfoSphere Data Replication

Continuous availability

Ensures high availability for the most widely used transactional data stores, supporting cross-site workload balancing and disaster recovery.

Programming-free data integration

InfoSphere Data Replication can be used to implement integrated systems and keep those systems updated immediately as changes occur, eliminating redundant data transfer while minimizing the impact on production systems.

Multi-source, target and replication topology support

InfoSphere Data Replication supports high availability, database migration, application consolidation, dynamic warehousing, master data management (MDM), service-oriented architecture (SOA), business analytics and extract-transform-load (ETL) data quality processes. It delivers capabilities for loading real-time information into a data warehouse or operational data store, which can help organizations enhance business agility and visibility into key processes.

User interface and APIs to monitor and manage

The InfoSphere Data Replication - CDC Replication Management Console is a Java™-based and rich client interface providing access control, configuration, operation and monitoring. It is also available as a command-line interface. Multiple Management Consoles may be concurrently active for the same system, allowing a team approach to both developing and controlling a replication system.

Log-based change data capture capabilities

Instead of using triggers or performing queries against the database, InfoSphere Data Replication software reads the native database log to capture changes. For businesses faced with shrinking batch windows or over-utilized applications, this log-based change data capture approach helps ensure the performance of even the most demanding mission-critical applications running on the source system is not adversely affected.

IBM z/OS, distributed and cloud support

InfoSphere Data Replication for IBM z/OS® supports IBM Db2® for z/OS, VSAM and IMS. InfoSphere Data Replication for Distributed and Cloud platform products support Db2 for Linux®, UNIX, and Windows, Db2 iSeries, Db2 Warehouse, Db2 Warehouse for Cloud, Db2 Hosted, IBM PureData® for Analytics, IBM Integrated Analytics System, IBM Cloudant®, IBM MQ, IBM Informix®, Oracle, Exadata, MySQL, SAP Sybase, Teradata, PostgreSQL, Kafka, Apache Hadoop, Microsoft SQL Server, and the Azure SQL Database.

Remote log-based capture from Db2 z/OS

InfoSphere Data Replication provides a comprehensive solution for dynamic integration of Db2 z/OS transactional data in near real-time. The solution includes incremental delivery of transactional relational data captured from database logs, including Kafka and Hadoop. The new remote capture source engine for Db2 z/OS sources provides a second operational model for capturing changes that helps reduce z/OS MIPS when needed to replicate Db2 z/OS data.

VSAM for z/OS Remote Source

The newly introduced VSAM for z/OS Remote Source capture engine, which can be deployed remotely from the mainframe environment, helps reduce the operational cost of capturing VSAM data by offloading much of the processing to a commodity environment (typically on Linux). This can help customers reduce mainframe operating costs. The solution can integrate with the extensive array of apply services that deliver data to many different target environments, giving clients choices as they plan their integration and analytics projects.

IBM InfoSphere Data Replication V11.4

IBM InfoSphere Data Replication V11.4 Read the documentation

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