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Use cases

Client support

Screenshot showing a refund dashboard showing refund requests by type and processing time

Client support

Automate refund requests: Minimize manual work with straight-through processing to improve productivity and meet fluctuating client demands.

Accounts payable

A screenshot of a decision model for validating invoices

Accounts payable

Validate invoices: Manage the increasing volume of invoices and streamline your validation process with decision automation. Detect errors more quickly to improve accuracy and apply changes as needed to reduce the amount of time to payment.

HR onboarding

A screenshot of candidate details for employee onboarding

HR onboarding

Build and utilize low-code apps: Use automation to manage the onboarding process from application through onboarding. Create and update applications quickly using low-code tools to simplify and update the onboarding process.

Remote work dispatch

Screenshot of a dashboard showing a workstream for requesting shared services help

Remote work dispatch

Simplify common tasks: Business users can create lightweight workflows without coding to improve productivity and decrease the complexities and limitations of remote work.



Everything you need for process automation

Identify the best candidates for automation and scale your automation initiatives before investments are carried out. Process mining provides an instant picture of your end-to-end processes, detects inefficiencies and identifies hotspots for improvement. Turn insights into actions, calculate the expected outcomes and reach your business goals.


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