Get a closer look at Aspera Streaming

The Aspera streaming technology is a revolutionary alternative for error-free transport of large data streams and any bit-rate video over any distance on unmanaged internet with near-zero latency. 

Built on IBM Aspera FASP®, this technology provides fully reliable in-order byte stream delivery of live feeds and growing files over commodity IP networks, using the new streaming architecture.

Benefits of Aspera Streaming

Cost savings and top video quality

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Replace satellite or dedicated fiber with affordable IP networks. Deliver ultra-high-resolution, live video in near real-time.

Seamless workflow integration

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Easy integration into cloud enables transcoding and distribution. Uses the entire network bandwidth for maximum utilization.

Secure streaming

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Encrypts broadcast-quality video in transit and authenticates using public and private key authentication.

Explore how Aspera Streaming provides an alternative for internet transport with near-zero latency.

Featured products

IBM Aspera Enterprise

Access the full suite of Aspera enterprise applications for transferring large data sets quickly.

IBM Aspera on Cloud

Send and share big files and data sets across any distance at maximum speed.

IBM Aspera Sync

Discover how Aspera Sync can help you replicate and synchronize your largest files.

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