Five reasons to get excited about z/VSE Version 6.2

Take advantage of all the new features

The focus of IBM z/VSE V6.2 is online transaction processing, security and connectivity. This version can improve the integration of z/VSE in a heterogeneous environment using web-based business solutions. It features better hardware exploitation, ease-of-use functionality and support of the latest IBM Z and IBM System Storage technology. It helps to handle growing z/VSE workloads and allows you to better protect your investments in the z/VSE platform.

Incorporate more IBM Z innovative technology

There is now an Architectural Level Set that requires IBM zEnterprise® 196, IBM zEnterprise 114 or later. This version features transparent use of the High Performance FICON for z Systems (zHPF) protocol for user applications. It provides IBM z14 and IBM z13 Vector Facility (SIMD) support for user applications. You also get Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) acceleration with a Crypto Express6S in an IBM z14 or with a Crypto Express5S in an IBM z13® or IBM z13s®.

Get additional security

You can choose to use z/VSE's cryptographic services for your online and batch applications to better secure data at rest and data in flight – along with greater flexibility. You can also use secure connections for remote virtual tapes to help protect sensitive data during network transfer.

Gain greater connector enhancements

The z/VSE SOAP engine helps to meet the needs of CICS applications with growing data. A new z/VSE REST (Representational State Transfer) Engine provides JSON (JavaScript™ Object Notation) support.

Improve functionality for SCSI-only systems

The new version makes functions easier to use, such as a tape-less initial installation that is also supported using SCSI and emulated FBA installation disks. Support for stand-alone dump on SCSI disks eliminates the need for a physical dump tape.

z/VSE Strategy - Protect, Integrate, Extend

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Customer case study

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America First Credit Union cost-effectively dealt with escalating transaction volumes

America First Credit Union
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