What Universal Access can do for your organization

IBM Watson Health Solution for Universal Access helps organizations translate complex policy and legislation into simple, government digital services. A consistent human-centered experience, accessible from any device and aligned with global digital service standards, guides the citizen through the intake process with triage, screening, application and ongoing processing. Universal Access comes with pre-defined configurable business processes and an innovative design system built for government, providing both the benefits of an off the shelf product, and the flexibility required for the delivery of bespoke experiences.

Simplify the engagement experience

Connect people to all of the services they need from a single intake process.

Evolve at pace and at scale

Configure, customize and go live in weeks instead of months.

Increase caseworker efficiency

Expand the online channel, reduce service center traffic and increase caseworker efficiency.

Modernize and integrate

Modernize the front end and integrate with the back end systems.

Feature Spotlights

  • Configurable domain-specific business processes
  • Human-centered design
  • Design system built for government
  • Accessibility out of the box
  • Security, performance and scalability
  • Interoperability
  • Flexible deployment options

Product images

Universal Access Dashboard
Universal Access Dashboard
Universal Access Application Overview
Universal Access Application Overview
Universal Access Application Review
Universal Access Application Review
Universal Access Application Confirmation
Universal Access Application Confirmation

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