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MaaS360 Advisor

Advisor is a powerful cognitive engine that provides contextual information based on unified endpoint management best practices as well as emerging threat alerts delivered from IBM X-Force® Exchange. This actionable intelligence is sourced from both structured and unstructured data, and is personalized based on your organization’s industry, its size and its mobile environment, including the type of devices, platforms and applications used across the organization.

MaaS360 Mobile Metrics

Mobile Metrics leverages the aggregated data of more than 12,000 IBM MaaS360 with Watson™ customer implementations worldwide to provide the industry’s first cloud-sourced mobile benchmarking data. This data, which reflects a wide range of organization types and their mobile implementations, allows customers to compare their security configurations and usage data with peers across similar industries, sizes and other criteria.

MaaS360 Mobile Security Index

The Mobile Security Index, which takes industry and geography into account, is designed to provide UEM administrators with a unified endpoint security rating for their organization based on current industry configuration data and best practices. It then provides a benchmark as a point of comparison against other similar organizations based on criteria such as industry, region or size. These comparisons are based on massive amounts of data from existing MaaS360 implementations.

Compare my company with the Mobile Security Index

Compare my company is an interactive walk-through of the most important security factors to consider as a UEM solution administrator. Scores for each of the questions are derived from the behavior of MaaS360 clients, and the relative importance of each security setting. This, in turn, is calculated based on the adoption levels of each setting. The final score of each user appears alongside their industry best-practice benchmark.

MaaS360 + BigFix Products

Together, MaaS360 and IBM BigFix provide a robust approach to managing endpoint security. With rich client management capabilities for macOS and Windows, IT and security leaders can support all device usage models, including corporate owned and BYOD. Organizations can feel confident with ability to update and patch devices while reducing the risk of data breaches, achieving regulatory requirements and enabling user productivity.

11 best practices of UEM (Unified Endpoint Management

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Independent Health

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Garuda International

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How customers use it

  • Consolidate your device management into one UEM solution


    You're juggling MDM, EMM, and new platforms to manage IoT.


    MaaS360 unified endpoint management eliminates the need for multiple platform investments, effectively saving time and increasing the efficiency of IT professionals.

  • Secure all endpoints, end-users, and everything in between


    You need unified security for endpoints, users, apps & data.


    MaaS360 supports all major endpoint OS versions including: Apple iOS and macOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows – ranging from legacy Windows XP SP3 to the modern Windows 10.

  • Make sense of the mobile minutiae that you encounter daily


    There's no way to analyze the vast volume of endpoint data.


    With Watson™, the MaaS360 cognitive UEM platform works as a trusted advisor to deliver cognitive insights, contextual analytics, and cloud-sourced benchmarking capabilities that elevate IT by enabling more productivity and a more secure environment.

  • Migrate from legacy PC platforms without further investments


    Windows 7 needs to remain patched, updated, and secured.


    By converging both API sets and agents, MaaS360 UEM allows IT to manage both modern and legacy PC platforms side by side - effectively transitioning to Windows 10 without using separate solutions or investing in new tools.

  • Use UEM software that scales as your environment grows


    It's a struggle for IT to keep up with rapid device growth.


    Put your expense, maintenance, scaling, and hosting woes behind you. MaaS360’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model scales effortlessly as you continue to take more endpoints under your control - and makes it easy to pay as you grow.

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