What it can do for your business

Stock & Price uses the IBM City Analytics solution to deliver micro-targeted product recommendations for each vending machine. The app’s built-in analytics helps to determine the optimal product set and pricing for individual machines. Many merchandisers use inefficient paper or legacy tech tools to help them restock. Most current mobile tools do not have the ability to provide individual machine restocking plan recommendations. With its analytical capabilities, Stock & Price helps to maximize the sales and profits for each vending machine.

Get micro-market segmentation

Stock & Price’s built-in analytics lets merchandisers know how to optimally restock individual machines. The app also provides pricing recommendations.

Verify assets quickly

The app’s scanner can confirm a vending machine’s ID and asset.

Minimize damage and loss

Stock & Price can trigger a notification to maintenance if a vending machine has been vandalized or is not working properly.

Four good reasons to use Stock & Price

  • Use analytics for better restocking
  • Going mobile provides flexibility and efficiency
  • Notifications keep machines in better working condition
  • The app is backed by a great service plan