Feature spotlights

Node.js V6.x

A full JavaScript runtime, server-side APIs and libraries to efficiently build high-performance, highly scalable network applications.

npm JavaScript package manager

Leverage the popular npm JavaScript package manager to build and assemble your Node.js applications. Tap into the hundreds of thousands of community Node.js modules available such as express, socket.io, and request.

V8 JavaScript engine

A powerful open-source JavaScript engine that compiles JavaScript source to the latest z/Architecture® instructions for optimal performance.

ECMAScript support

Support for 99% of ECMAScript 2015 and ECMAScript 2016 features such as let, arrow functions, Map, and Set.

Asynchronous I/O

Unparalleled scalability of your Node.js application by leveraging the underlying z/OS® asyncio and IBM Z I/O bandwidth.

C/C++ compiler

Optimizing compiler that supports 64-bit compilations and C11/C++11 language features, and is used for compiling Node.js native modules for the z/OS platform.

Technical details

Software requirements

  • z/OS V2R3 (5650-ZOS)
  • z/OS V2R2 (5650-ZOS)

Hardware requirements

  • z14™
  • z13®/z13s™
  • zEnterprise® EC12/BC12
  • zEnterprise 196/114

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