Five good reasons to use IBM Order Management

Gain visibility across the supply chain

IBM® Order Management software helps deliver a superior customer experience by enabling your company to execute and coordinate order orchestration processes across your extended supply chain network. It provides flexible, process-based management of orders from multiple channels. It enables customized fulfillment based upon user-defined business requirements and delivers the required visibility and event management across all fulfillment activity.

Source and schedule orders intelligently and globally

IBM Order Management combines multi-channel order aggregation, global visibility to inventory and delivery – and service availability. It enables the complete order promise and provides the ability to “order from anywhere, fulfill from anywhere and return to anywhere.” With optimized, rules-based order promising and scheduling, inventory and resources are appropriately allocated from any internal or external source to meet the conditions of the order and the requirements of your business.

Manage and coordinate customized fulfillment processes

IBM Order Management enables customized, line-level order orchestration by using flexible business process definitions and adaptable fulfillment models. It de-composes orders into unique “units of work” for fulfillment and identifies the applicable fulfillment process for each unit. It then seamlessly splits and consolidates order lines and sequences activities. It also incorporates user-defined events to effectively track fulfillment activity based on the unique conditions of each order line.

Flawlessly execute across all channels

Fulfillment is no longer contained within a single enterprise. IBM Order Management software delivers role-based relationships among multiple supply chain participants. It coordinates accurate fulfillment based upon these relationships and controls critical information flows such as orders, modifications, status updates, inventory availability and exceptions.

Get a single source of order information

IBM Order Management software aggregates orders from multiple order capture channels and provides a single source of information across these channels. You can present a single face to the customer. The software provides order information to call center agents, field sales teams, store associates or customers – when and where they need it. It also simplifies administration and maintenance of customer orders – allowing a single order record to be accessed and modified by any authorized user.

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