Protect unstructured data

As data volumes exponentially grow in the age of AI, 80-90% of data stored in the enterprise is unstructured. These unprotected files (such as PDF's, images, xml, office documents, and more) are typically stored on file shares, in content management systems, and even as BLOBS or CLOBs within databases. With IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy for Unstructured Data, you can mask sensitive data, replacing like-for-like values consistently across the enterprise to protect against fraud and meet compliance requirements.
InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy for Unstructured Data

Mask across formats

Mask data across 65 unstructured formats to protect customer, employee, and other sensitive information wherever it resides.

Mitigate data breach risks

Since most of data being unstructured, reduce the risks from data breaches by having that data masked permanently or temporarily depending on the use.

Accurately test with protected data

Consistently mask across structured and unstructured data for referential integrity in testing and development, maintaining contextual, accurate data.

Lower costs

Increase efficiency and reduce costs with the ability to transform files to decrease footprint and change file types.

Protect across data privacy needs

Static and dynamic masking protects sensitive data across content management, testing, development, customer and tech support, analytics and more.

Key features

  • Supports 65 data formats
  • Ensures consistency
  • Dynamically masks on the fly
  • Compliance across unstructured data
  • Easy integration or stand alone