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Accessibility for self-service users

See how users can log in to access self-service content in IBM® Kenexa® Learning Content Management System.

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Streamlined content reviewer experience

Identify and review new content and capture edits almost immediately to help minimize review times.

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Streamlined media develop experience

Content developers can receive, review and fulfill media requests from one location.

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Your LMS needs an LCMS to deliver a rich learning experience

Adding LCMS to LMS can help reduce redundancy, increase efficiency and make your content more personal and powerful.

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IBM Kenexa LCMS LMS Connector

Connect your LMS and LCMS and change the way you create and deliver content.

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Serving the collision repair industry with near real-time knowledge and expertise

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Learning Content Management System

Automate the development, management, maintenance, delivery and publishing of modular and personalized learning.

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