What it can do for your business

Retailers and their sales forces face increasing pressure to know more and be more. Their customers increasingly expect to find the conveniences associated with their online stores to spread to brick and mortars, too. In fact, 58 per cent of patrons found that mobile-equipped retail staffers enhanced their in-store experience. And with mobile-enabled stores converting some 68 per cent of out-of-stock incidents into home-delivery sales, both retailers and shoppers are coming out winners. IBM MobileFirst for iOS – Retail provides you with apps that are designed to better align to – and solve – the real world challenges retailers face.

Streamline the buying process

Get real-time views on product data, vendor performance and integration with systems of record.

Keep customers shopping

Give customers a place to view or purchase different product options or request on-demand assistance from a sales associate for help.

Stay on top of in-season inventories

Gain real-time perspective and data-driven recommendations on product and vendor performance.

Make schedule changes quick and easy

Automate the scheduling process so employees can see their own schedule from their iPhone. Easily swap shifts while keeping managers informed of the changes.

Get online orders out of the door faster

Brick-and-mortar stores can use big data analytics and iBeacon location awareness to help sales associates find items in sequence based on proximity – and consolidate items across multiple orders.

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  • Order Commit
  • Design at Home
  • Sales Assist
  • Dynamic Buy
  • Shift Sync
  • Shift Track
  • Express Assist
  • Sales Consult
  • Express Pay
  • Pick & Pack