IBM Compilers: Build speed and efficiency into applications

IBM® compilers reduce cost by providing optimization technology that exploits IBM Z® and IBM Power Systems™ to boost application performance. They accelerate digital transformation by allowing modern language features supporting web, cloud and mobile infrastructures. Compilers include:

  • COBOL compilers for IBM z/OS® and IBM AIX®.
  • Automatic Binary Optimizer for COBOL modules on z/OS.
  • Fortran compilers for AIX and Linux on IBM Power Systems, and also IBM Z.
  • PL/I compilers for IBM z/OS and IBM AIX.
  • C and C++ compilers for z/OS and z/VM, as well as IBM AIX and Linux on IBM Power Systems.
  • Node.js runtime for z/OS.
IBM Compilers

IBM COBOL Compiler Family

Leverage your existing applications on z/OS and AIX platforms

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IBM Fortran Compiler Family

Build high-performance applications with mathematical function support

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IBM C and C++ Compiler Family

Leverage advanced compiler and optimization technologies

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IBM PL/I Compiler Family

Integrate PL/I applications and web technologies

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IBM SDK for Node.js - z/OS

IBM® SDK for Node.js - z/OS®, at no license charge, and optional paid support, provides a secure, module-driven, highly scalable approach to accelerate digital transformation on IBM Z. By coding in the popular JavaScript language, Node.js allows enterprise clients to tap into the wealth of JavaScript developer talent and resources. With applications typically developed in a shorter time and with fewer lines of code, Node.js can enable enterprise clients to efficiently augment existing IBM Z® application stacks to provide a timely response to customer requirements driven by digital transformation.

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