Launch profitable services while protecting clients

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you can add new revenue streams and profitability by offering customers an effective endpoint security solution—IBM BigFix. With IBM BigFix, your customers can identify and remediate endpoint vulnerabilities in real time. The intelligent agent architecture enables continuous monitoring and enforcement of security policies using a lightweight and rapidly deployable platform.

Deliver protection in real time

Identify and remediate endpoint vulnerabilities in real time before they become a problem.

Achieve quicker time to value

Can be implemented at a low cost and has a break-even point that typically falls soon after implementation.

Give customers the security they want

Relieve your customers of the time-consuming and often error-prone manual tasks of patching vulnerabilities and enforcing policies on their own.

Key features of IBM BigFix for Managed Service Providers

  • Identifies and remediates vulnerabilities in real time
  • Provides an additional revenue stream with low startup costs
  • Reduce client costs for endpoint security and management
  • Allows customers to take advantage of two included use cases

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