High availability for your business

IBM Sterling Global Mailbox 6.0 helps companies address demands for high availability operations and redundancy with a robust and reliable data storage solution available across geographically distributed locations. The solution supports active-active communications for disruption resiliency and disaster recovery in near real-time. Global Mailbox is available for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and IBM Sterling File Gateway and designed to work with IBM Sterling Control Center.

Ensures high-availability operations

Provides capabilities to maintain high-availability and efficient disaster resilience and recovery, including active/active communications.

Real-time data replication

Real-time data replication eliminating the need for backup databases or custom-built approaches to disaster recovery.

Configurable geographic distribution

Flexible and configurable geographic distribution options to meet performance and customer-service level requirements.

Key features of IBM Sterling Global Mailbox

  • Enables always on operations
  • Disaster resiliency and recovery
  • Configurable geographic distribution
  • Easy to use and intuitive UI

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