Feature spotlights

Integrate financial business apps with financial networks

Connect to virtually any financial application and service using enterprise service bus capabilities provided by IBM WebSphere Message Broker – which is included. You get a rich set of predefined artifacts to accelerate integration. The solution provides full multi-tenant support to clients and business units. It enables full integration into infrastructure monitoring throughout the organization – supporting administration and operation through graphical or command line interfaces.

Manage a wide range of financial messages

Get browser-based and flexible manual entry and repair facility for SWIFT FIN and MX messages – along with flexible routing capabilities that can be based on message content and associated information. It allows validation of messages by business applications for SWIFT FIN and MX messages and includes a configurable printing service. It also aids compliance with regulations by supporting configurable auditing.

Delivers business insights on demand

It provides full, flexible business intelligence capabilities with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence features – which are included. You can generate custom reports, adapt predefined reports and export reports into various formats for further processing. It provides sample reports for business monitoring of SWIFTNet services. It also supports both integrated and stand-alone use of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence for WebSphere Business Integration for Financial Networks data.

Use one consolidated single window

It consolidates support for SWIFTNet services FIN, InterAct and FileAct with a single window. It supports SWIFT FIN and MX messages – including their yearly standard changes. It includes a full relationship management application, along with in-house exchange of SWIFT FIN messages transparent to business applications for reduced costs.

Process high volumes of financial messages efficiently

It provides high scalability to handle current and future message volumes while optimizing throughput using configurable workload balancing. You get high-availability features provided by IBM hardware and software to support fulfillment of demanding business continuity service-level agreements (SLAs). It also gives you high availability using various automatic recovery features.

Technical details

Software requirements

Software requirements for WebSphere Business Integration for Financial Networks can be found in product support.

    Hardware requirements

    Hardware requirements for WebSphere Business Integration for Financial Networks can be found in product support.