What it can do for your business

With IBM MobileFirst for iOS Field QA technicians can quickly tap their way through evaluations without typing a thing. With Field QA, they can complete thorough evaluations instantly and give customers an analytics-driven scorecard from their iPhone. In the past, technicians often chose to do the QA and then document everything from memory when they got back to the truck. This sometimes led to incomplete reports and a delay in customer sign-offs. Field QA eliminates these issues with instant on-site evaluations.

Streamline QA evaluations

Greatly reduce the amount of manual data entry required by using pre-populated readings.

Provide a scorecard really fast

Give customers an analytics-driven scorecard on the spot for immediate sign off.

Get more support

Use FaceTime with off-site experts for support, so you can routinely complete the evaluation in one visit.

Four good reasons to use Field QA

  • Add deep analytics to evaluations
  • Simplify the entire QA process and increase productivity
  • Provide better customer service
  • The app is backed by a great service plan