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IBM Skills Assessment: Candidate Test Experience

Flexibility and accuracy enable candidates to demonstrate specific skills.

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IBM Behavioral Assessments: Search for results

Get the results you need the way you need them to efficiently identify high potential candidates.

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IBM Skills Assessment: Candidate Skill Based Assessments

Measure skills for many roles with multiple choice questions and simulations.

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IBM Behavioral Assessments: Employee Test Experience

Candidates can take the test at any time and on any device.

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IBM Skills Assessment: Recruiter System Setup

Manage the assessment process from setting up sessions to reviewing results.

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IBM Kenexa Assessments Solutions Brief and Catalog

IBM® Kenexa® Assessment can help you assess traits, skills and fit for individuals, managers and leaders.

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Predict Workforce Performance and Potential

Integrated assessments and talent consulting from IBM.

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Use Leadership Development to Build a Coaching Culture for Competitive Advantage

See how Grant Thornton has freshened their development efforts in three years to set a new standard of talent development.

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