Key features

Intelligent data placement across flash tiers

Automate data placement to meet performance objectives at the most reasonable cost. IBM Easy Tier intelligently identifies and moves less-frequently accessed data to high-capacity flash drives. Similarly, frequently accessed data is migrated to high-performance flash drives to ensure the lowest response times for those applications that need it.

High-Performance Flash Enclosure Gen2

Feel confident high-end acceleration will be there when they need it with microsecond response times and exceptional throughput for real-time analytics, cognitive computing and I/O-intensive workloads.

HyperSwap and GDPS integration

Integrate with IBM HyperSwap® and IBM Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex® (GDPS®), as well as sophisticated business-continuity solutions based on IBM z/O S Parallel Sysplex. DS8880F also supports IBM zHyperwrite™, an innovative technology that combines DS8880F and z/O S enhancements to write operations to Db2 logs in Metro Mirror environments.

AIX®, IBM i and Linux support

Enable host adapters to give preferential treatment to higher-priority database I/Os with IBM Db2® software. DS8880F copy services are tightly integrated with IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror® for AIX and IBM i, adding assurance for 24x7 business continuity of critical Power servers.

VMware interoperability

Take advantage of VMware vStorage APIs for array integration, VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager and a VMware vCenter plug-in to offload storage management operations to DS8880F. IBM Storage Management Console for VMware vCenter can help monitor and control storage resources.

Transparent cloud tiering

Introduce hybrid cloud as a new storage tier for simplified backup and archive operations on IBM Z environments. Does not require an additional server or gateway; it is a software-defined storage feature.

Advanced disaster recovery with 2, 3, and 4 site replication

Use advanced functions for data protection and disaster recovery with more than "six-nines" availability, 2, 3 & 4 site replication and industry-leading RPO and RTO for environments where continuous operations are crucial.

FICON (zHPF) and Db2 z/OS integration

Achieve extreme performance and improve remote data speed for database-intensive applications through integration with IBM High Performance FICON® (zHPF) and IBM Db2® for z/OS®.

Super Parallel Access Volumes (Super PAVs)

Available at no charge, cloud-based IBM Storage Insights provides a single dashboard that gives you a clear view of all your IBM block storage. You’ll be able to make better decisions by seeing trends in performance and capacity. Storage health information enables you to focus on areas needing attention and when IBM support is needed, Storage Insights simplifies uploading logs, speeds resolution with online configuration data, and provides an overview of open tickets all in one place.

IBM Copy Services Manager

Simplify copy services management for IBM DS8880F through an interface that helps monitor and control copy-services configurations. Designed to scale for thousands of relationships, IBM Copy Services Manager is a single control point to automate and simplify the recovery process.

Full disk encryption

Cleanse sensitive data from systems that are being retired or repurposed through a simple cryptographic erasure. Supports the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP).

Efficient management and administration

Control storage environments as capacity grows. DS8880F includes intuitive navigation, streamlined configuration processes and helpful links to video tutorials. DS8880F also supports a command-line interface (CLI) and a Storage Management Initiative Specification-conformant (SMI-S) application programming interface (API).

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