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Turkcell drives smarter marketing strategies

See how Turkcell was able to apply IBM Datacap to help become a more customer-centric organization.

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Union Bank accelerates ROI

See how Union Bank gained 70 percent ROI and saved $500,000 through automated workflow.

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Improving your customer experience with mobile document capture

Learn how Datacap creates opportunities to save time and money by cutting out document shipping.

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IBM Datacap Insight Edition

Learn how to streamline content capture by understanding unstructured or highly variable documents.

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IBM Datacap and Box integration

Find out how to capture documents to and from Box with automatic classification and data extraction.

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The Forrester total economic impact of IBM Datacap

Read how Forrester worked with IBM to analyze the total economic impact of Datacap on an existing customer.

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IBM Datacap on Cloud: Your bridge to a digital transformation

See how Datacap on Cloud helps organizations capitalize on the agility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of the cloud.

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Accelerate your digital business with IBM ECM Cloud solutions

Read how IBM Bridge to Cloud can help map a clear, cost-effective path to cloud solutions.

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