Feature spotlights

Web content management

Web Content Management allows marketing to edit store content to manage the customer experience with the ability to create and modify store page layouts and content with reduced dependency on IT. Business users can create and modify pages by assigning content and functions through reusable widgets. Also experience automated tagging of content and automated creation of different image renditions for different customer device types.

Starter store

Starter store templates drive quick startup of your storefront with the latest online store features and best practices, including separate templates for B2C and B2B. With an extensive set of site-level, category-level, and product-level features "out of the box", you can customize the look and feel of your storefront while giving buyers the personalized experience they expect. For B2B companies, IBM Digital Commerce allows you to deliver personalization across buyer journey stages.

Marketing and promotions

Create, manage and deploy personalized marketing campaigns in store, text, and email or through extended brand touch points. Incent your customers with promotional messages on store pages and in email or mobile text messages. Promotions might include price discounts; merchandise specials such as gifts with purchase and buy-one-get-one; and service promotions including free shipping.

Optimized for mobile

Business users can easily create and manage mobile optimized experiences. IBM Digital Commerce recognizes the buyers' device type and screen size and automatically optimizes content on their device. With responsive design, business users no longer have to manage individual stores for each device type and you can take advantage of location-based services to target mobile customers with personalized content and offers.


Advanced site search organizes and recommends the use of enhanced search functionality and merchandising capabilities to make it easy for customers to explore your site and find exactly what they're looking for. IBM Digital Commerce site search provides automatic search term suggestions and spelling correction, and the ability to influence store search results by using term associations and search-based merchandising rules.

Globalization and extended sites

Easily create and manage unique e-commerce sites based on your different brands, customer segments or geographical marketplaces, with support for local language. Each unique storefront relies on a common set of assets and coexists on the same infrastructure, sharing as much data and business logic as possible to streamline operation and management. Each e-site can have its own unique look and feel, and defined set of business rules and policies.

Technical details

Software requirements

As a completely cloud commerce based application, IBM Digital Commerce requires no software installation. Business user tools and storefronts are supported in common browsers.

    Hardware requirements

    IBM Digital Commerce requires a direct internet connection and a work station that supports the browser being used.

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