Capture content for archiving and compliance

IBM® Content Collector for Microsoft SharePoint provides collection and archiving of SharePoint content and extends capabilities to leverage IBM enterprise content management (ECM) and IBM business process management (BPM). Content Collector for Microsoft SharePoint collects and archives content from SharePoint document libraries, wikis, and blogs and can restore archived documents back to Microsoft SharePoint. It can enforce specific compliance and governance policies on SharePoint content, bringing SharePoint in line with other corporate information systems.
IBM Content Collector for Microsoft SharePoint

Reduce content duplication

Deduplication and archiving capabilities help to reduce the cost associated with managing and retaining high volumes of Sharepoint content.

Manage compliance and legal requirements

Manage eDiscovery searches, legal holds and records retention from a single system. Delete SharePoint content where appropriate after business value and legal or regulatory obligations have expired.

Improve IT efficiency

Scale your SharePoint environment and reduce storage requirements by archiving aging content or infrequently accessed information.

Improve Sharepoint performance and long-term retention

  • Archiving
  • Integration
  • Retention
  • Classification

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