How it works

Faster Application Deployment

IBM® PureApplication® simplifies and automates cloud application deployment this process for both on-premises and off-premises cloud options.

Simpler Path to Hybrid Cloud

You can seamlessly, reliably, and quickly deploy an application development, test, quality assurance and production environment across multiple premises.

IBM PureApplication Service

IBM PureApplication Service comes with comprehensive cloud management so you can rapidly deploy, monitor and manage patterns throughout their lifecycle.

Technical details

Software requirements

Use one of the following supported web browsers:

Note: When using Internet Explorer on a Microsoft Windows Server, an error might occur when trying to open the console. You can either add the website to the list of trusted sites or turn off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration. See the instructions provided by your version of Windows Server for details.

Important: If you are using Mozilla Firefox as the browser to log in to the system, you are asked to confirm the use of cookies. You must allow cookies, otherwise misleading messages are displayed when you log in to the system.

  • Internet Explorer Version 9, Version 10
  • Mozilla Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) V17
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 22, Version 24
  • Apple Safari Version 5.1 and later

Hardware requirements

There are no hardware requirements for IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer

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