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IBM PureApplication BPM Pattern helps clients define and automate processes

Learn how BPM on IBM PureApplication System can help radically improve process management and time to value

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Video: IBM Business Process Manager Demo

IBM Business Process Manager is also available as a service on cloud. See an overview of the service in action.

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FAQs about PureApplication System patterns

CTO of IBM PureApplication System Jason McGee answered Frequently Asked Question on patterns

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How do PureApplication patterns improve deploying and managing BPM solutions?

Now you can focus on improving the delivery of the software instead of how you operate or manage it.

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How Mobile and BPM Are Helping Governments Facilitate Citizen Service Requests

IBM’s Smarter Process software and Operational Decision Manager helps facilitate Marci's service request to her Government

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Operational Decision Management for Dummies

Learn how IBM ODM provides a complete, easy-to-use system for automating day-today operational decisions, fast.

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Where are you in your journey to cognitive business operations?

A three Minute test to locate your journey to re-invent your business with smarter process

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