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Scalable: Buy what you need today, and Verse grows with you

As part of the Connections Cloud family, Verse is available stand-alone or as part of more feature-packed editions on Connections Cloud. Grow your ecosystem at any time, and add new clients as your business expands. And built-in integration and extensibility features ensure you have access to future cloud capabilities as Verse continues to evolve and innovate.

Verse On-Premises: Modern Email on IBM Domino Infrastructure

For IBM Domino customers and customers who are current on S&S for Client Access Licenses, Verse On-Premises uses your server investments to bring you the feature-rich benefits of Verse on Cloud within a single, secure, collaborative on-premise environment. Verse's intuitive UI reduces training costs and smooths the end-user transition to the IBM Connections Cloud experience. And you still have access to Domino applications that “live” in Verse through IBM Client Application Access or IBM Notes.

Go Mobile with Verse

Manage your work day on your mobile device anytime with the IBM Verse Mobile app. View email, event and action updates, manage your to-do lists, and chat and keep track of the people you work with closely from your favorite iOS or Android device. And with the Mobile Widget, you don't have to be in the app to get updates: It displays upcoming meetings, events and email updates from the Important People flagged in your workplace. You can even join meetings by tapping “Join Meeting” in the widget.

Keep Track of the Important People in Your Network

IBM Verse identifies and prioritizes the people you work with most closely, so notifications from them get your attention sooner. From the app or widget, tap on a photo in the Important People tab to see their contact info and recent emails.

Connect with Meetings and File Sharing

Connect with your team from anywhere at any time. IBM Verse lets you join screen share meetings easily from your desktop or the Verse mobile app, and share files from the cloud.

Prioritize Your To-Do List

Take control of your email, calendar and work day by filtering your events, emails and actions to see the most pressing deadlines. Flag emails that require action or a follow-up from you, and track items for which someone owes you a response. Assign deadlines for these events. The Mobile app will even send actionable notifications to your locked screen, so you don’t have to be using the app to know what’s due.

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Cognitive Collaboration : Redefine everyday work

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