The who, what, when and where of your workday

IBM Verse is business email as you’ve never imagined it. IBM Verse helps you prioritize your work, personalize your work experience and build stronger working relationships. It frees you to spend more time on work of higher value.

Focus on high-value tasks

Enables you to quickly post messages to social networks within a personalized email experience.

Increase productivity

Prioritizes what is needed using faceted search to help focus on the right content, conversations and actions.

Collaborate for fast answers

Provides a collaborative information exchange with intelligent and secure social apps, including a post-to-blog feature for amplifying important information.

Key features

  • Scalable: Buy what you need today, and Verse grows with you
  • Verse On-Premises: Modern Email on IBM Domino Infrastructure
  • Go Mobile with Verse
  • Keep Track of the Important People in Your Network
  • Connect with Meetings and File Sharing
  • Prioritize Your To-Do List

Security and privacy in the cloud

  • IBM enables companies to scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels when using IBM cloud offerings.

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Which option is right for you?

  • IBM Verse

    Business email reimagined

  • IBM Connections S1

    Email, online meetings, instant messaging, collaborative document editing and file sharing

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