What it can do for your business

Anticipating maintenance needs is essential to keeping heavy equipment up and running, yet many technicians are hamstringed by inefficient, manual processes. IBM MobileFirst for iOS Asset Care provides maintenance technicians with all the materials and information they need to proactively maintain large, complex assets. By combining critical data such as equipment performance and technician location with diagnostics capabilities, this real-time app helps increase productivity, reduce equipment downtime and lower the overall cost of maintenance.

Improve maintenance efficiency

Capture data at the source and use real-time decision support to uncover the cause of maintenance needs and recommend next best actions.

Avoid incidents in the field

Gain a comprehensive view of asset performance, available resources and technician location to mitigate safety issues.

Reduce maintenance time

Document issues, optimize work orders, initiate repairs and enable collaboration in the field to streamline and speed maintenance.

Four good reasons to use Asset Care

  • Build a complete view of maintenance needs
  • Capture and use data at the source
  • Gain ongoing benefits with a great service plan
  • Document issues and initiate repair