For Ed Tech Companies

    IBM Career Education partners with education technology companies to build competencies needed to provide a rich, custom learning experience for your students
  • IBM hosts the online platform for you with 100+ latest technology courses not just including a variety of content, but also access to enterprise software required for projects and lab work. On completion of a course / program each participant gets a digital badge / certificate from IBM.
  • You get access to courses for a year for your learners in the form of a customized LMS with 100+ courses with durations ranging from 2 to 40 hours.
  • As part of the program, you can design your own courses and include IBM content within those courses. Alternatively, you can opt for all IBM courses and design a learning path for your learners.
  • We will partner with you to design different learning path for the learner so that they can have a sequential learning roadmap and specialise in a particular track like Data Science, Full Stack, AI/ML and more
  • A learner can earn a program level certificate on completion of IBM courses.
    Collaborative Online Programs through Private Instance
  • Integration of IBM Courses with your courses
  • A white labelled LMS with 100+ courses.
  • Learners can get various reports through API integration with our LMS.
  • Our openEdx based LMS can be integrated through an SSO with your existing LMS for a seamless experience for your employees. If you do not have an LMS we can implement our LMS hosted on the IBM Cloud for your organization so you do not need to pay separately for cloud services to a third party.

Add on Benefits

  • Hackathons: Our hackathons comprise diverse teams collaborating intensively to quickly develop new technologies and solutions. They help students widen perspective and apply knowledge in practice while collaborating and competing with peers.
  • Masterclass: An immersive online session for a deep dive on a specific topic with an IBM certified expert, this is delivered over a streaming platform that makes it possible for students to delve into the latest on the technology, understand industry use cases, and clarify concepts.
  • Meetups: These are virtual or face-to-face informal gatherings organized for groups with similar interests. Our meet ups on specific technologies host a variety of professionals and learners to share experiences and provide practical perspectives to participants.
  • Project use cases: A program to help students learn project execution methodologies and solve problem statements in a structured way with continuous mentorship. It ensures students collaborate in the right direction and use agile methodologies, apply appropriate tools for research & data collection, project management and for monitoring progress.
  • Online Training: Participative counseling and collaborative learning practices help students learn concepts and tasks that are complex, involving different component skills. Our experts break down complex concepts or tasks and provide students opportunities to apply these skills.

With the digital revolution, technology has ceased to be an independent sector and has permeated the core of all other industries. Our technology tracks can help learners develop skills and competencies that will translate directly to competitive careers


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