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Blockchain has become the de-facto technology and standard for many business verticals such as financial services, supply chain, healthcare, education, government and more. 69% of the world’s banks are now looking to adopt Blockchain and 10% of world economy is forecasted to be on Blockchain by year 2024.

    The IBM Blockchain Course
    A structured learning program designed by industry experts that provides you:
  • Deep rooted understanding of Blockchain fundamentals and its functioning.
  • Detailed conceptual knowledge of associated technologies such as Distributed ledger, Cryptography, Consensus algorithms, Smart contract and more.
  • Detailed knowledge on Blockchain architecture, interactions with external applications and UI/Database integration.
  • Proficiency in Javascript and Node JS for Smart contract programming.
  • Training on best practices for deploying Sectoral Analytics – Finance/Supply Chain/Medical domain
  • Multiple projects across industries and functions to comprehensively test your skills and practical knowledge
  • Course materials and expert mentoring
    Must Have Skills
  • Knowledge and skills in full stack programming
  • Applicable knowledge in coding and programming languages like Python, Node JS, Angular
  • Knowledge and understanding of databases and its applications

Industry Use Cases
Financial organizations using Blockchain technology for intermediary-free banking operations such as digital money transfer, digital bonds, shares, mutual funds backed by Blockchain technology with no overhead costs and minimal latency.

Supply chain organizations use Blockchain for tracking assets and collaborate seamlessly and in real time with multiple parties involved in the process. Typical examples include supply chain and tracking for goods in the food industry.

Health care organizations are effectively managing digital health records owned by patients and sharing them seamlessly across multiple medical chains and hospitals. Blockchain based solutions also allows real time integration with insurance companies, drug supply companies, medical research organizations among others.

Education industry uses Blockchain for digital and secure storage of student credentials including marksheets and degrees. This allows students to carry a digital wallet of credentials to the industry and cross verification time reduces to zero and falsifying records a thing of the past.

Career Avenues
Smart Contract Developer

A programmer who can write code for smart contracts in a permissioned/private network. A smart contract represents the digital and self-executing contract generally written in Python/Go/Node JS.

Full Stack Developer
Full stack developer works on integration of Blockchain backend with the User interface as well the external interface applications including SAP/ERP systems and external databases such as Oracle/DB-2 etc. The programming skills required are JavaScript and various variations including Angular, a knowledge of database programming and queries, and deep understanding of frameworks such as REST APIs.

Blockchain Consultant
Blockchain knowledge expert who can visualize and provide consultancy on scenarios ideally suited for Blockchain and the impact it would have on current operations. The consultant should be able to visualize benefits as well cost of the implementation and should have a good mix of technical and management skills.

Blockchain Sales/Pre-sales Professional
A professional who can create promotional / technical collateral for Blockchain technology, can sell the product and work with technical teams to propose customized solutions for various clients based on current system and requirements.

Blockchain Project Manager
A leader who is able to manage a team of Blockchain developers and consultants with effective project management skills and fundamental knowledge of Blockchain technology.


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