Why IBM Storwize?

The IBM Storwize family provides all-flash and hybrid storage solutions with common functionality, management and mobility.

These solutions are built with IBM Spectrum Virtualise software to enable efficient, proven data virtualisation across IBM and non-IBM storage systems.

IBM Storwize delivers cost-effective flash deployment, so you can optimise capital and operational expenses, while maximising efficiency and flexibility for heterogeneous storage systems.

Available in a wide range of storage systems, IBM Storwize includes compression and other advanced capabilities, which are easy to deploy and help you control costs as your business grows.

IBM guarantees storage savings of up to 80% and outstanding performance with compression

IBM Storwize family advantages



Built-in virtualisation simplifies management and increase storage utilisation by up to 100%



Deploy IBM Spectrum Virtualise features across the Storwize family and external virtualised storage. Features include dynamic tiering, thin provisioning, data copy services, data reduction and high availability



Scale up to 32 petabytes of flash capacity without disruption in only four racks



Compression stores up to 5x more data in the same space

Storage systems in the IBM Storwize family

Efficient all-flash and hybrid solutions transform the economics of data storage

IBM Storwize V7000F and IBM Storwize V5030F

These all-flash, enterprise-class solutions deliver high performance to enable real-time insights from your organisation’s business data. Revitalize your data centre and optimise data economics with a powerful combination of flash and storage virtualisation.

IBM Storwize V7000

This highly scalable, virtualised, enterprise-class hybrid storage solution is designed to help organisations of all sizes consolidate their workloads into a single system. You gain ease of management, reduced costs, improved performance and high availability.

IBM Storwize V5000

This highly flexible, easy-to-use, virtualised hybrid storage solution provides advanced functionality that enables organisations with midsized workloads to overcome their storage challenges. With flexible licensing options and multiple hybrid models, you can start with the Storwize V5000 solution that meets your data needs today, and expand as your organisation grows.


Meet business demands faster with lower costs and less complexity. Simplify, modernize, and transform your IT with VersaStack converged infrastructure from IBM and Cisco. VersaStack is available with IBM Storwize V7000, IBM Storwize V7000F, IBM Storwize V5000, and IBM Storwize V5030F. VersaStack for Hybrid Cloud adds Cisco CloudCentre and IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management technologies to enable orchestration, deployment, management, and migration of applications across data centre, public cloud, and private cloud environments.