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Achieve your full business potential with IBM POWER9

POWER9 provides the infrastructure foundation for a future-forward organization that is ready to meet today's business challenges and tomorrow's advancements. Learn more about POWER9 and get ready to upgrade.

Upgrade performance with scale-out servers

IBM Power Systems™ scale-out servers’ future-forward infrastructure is designed to crush data-intensive workloads.

Shipped and delivered secure

These IBM Power Systems are designed to run AIX, IBM i and Linux and are pre-loaded with firmware and operating system security patches that mitigate known Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

Stay available

Increase availability with integrated workload mobility, rapid capacity expansion and disaster recovery capabilities. Stay online 24/7 with RAS and high availability features.

Migrate quickly and simply

Live partition mobility capabilities and a temporary IBM PowerVM® license for your existing server help make it easy to migrate from previous Power Systems to POWER9.

Compare Power Systems

See which Power System server works best for your business needs.

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Form factor

POWER9 processor

Processor cores

Memory capacity


PCIe slots available

IBM Power System S914

4U Tower or Rack


4, 6 or 8

Up to 1TB

Up to 12 or 18 SSD/HDDs


IBM Power System S922


Single or Dual

4, 8 or 10

Up to 5TB

Up to 8 SSD/HDDs

Up to 9

IBM Power System S924


Single or Dual

8, 10 or 12

Up to 4TB

Up to 12 or 18 SSD/HDDs

Up to 11

Scale-out AIX, IBM i and Linux servers

Designed for AIX, IBM i and Linux environments, these Power Systems servers easily scale out and integrate into your organization’s cloud and AI strategy, while delivering the performance and RAS needed for your mission-critical workloads.

IBM Power System S922

Up to 4 TB in a dense 2-socket, 2U form factor.

IBM Power System S924

Superior throughput capabilities in a 2-socket, 4U configuration.

IBM Power System S914

A single-socket, 4U configuration in a tower footprint.

Scale-out servers for SAP HANA

Built and optimized for SAP HANA®, the IBM Power System H922 and H924 boast a large memory footprint of up to 4TB in a dense form factor for gaining insights faster while delivering high reliability and performance.

IBM Power System H922

2U footprint with 1 or 2 sockets, optimized for SAP HANA workloads.

IBM Power System H924

2-socket, 4U server with high performance for all your SAP HANA requirements.

Servers for AI and big data workloads

Built to crush the demands of AI, big data and analytics workloads, these IBM Power Systems servers deliver serious compute and scaling to meet your next-gen needs.

IBM Power System LC921

Ideal for virtualization, database, and high-performance computing deployments, this 1U rack server delivers superior scaling capabilities leveraging PCIe Gen 4 technology in a space-saving form factor.

IBM Power System LC922

Perfect for Linux workloads with extensive storage requirements, such as data lakes for deep learning, this storage-rich 2U server leverages PCIe 4.0 and CAPI 2.0 innovations, superior compute and scaling and 2x the data bandwidth of x86.

IBM Power System IC922

This inference server is engineered to put your AI models to work and to unlock business insights for the next generation of enterprise AI, with advanced interconnects to support faster data throughput and decreased latency.

Talk to our IBM Power System experts

Meet the experts who will get you the information you need about Power Systems, with no cost, no obligation, and no sales pitch.

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Rich Shedrick

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Dylan Boday

Director, Offering Management, Cognitive and Scale-out Systems

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Scott Soutter

Portfolio Offering Manager, PowerAI


By migrating its platform from cloud-based services to on-premise infrastructure based on IBM solutions, CipherHealth achieved huge gains in performance, improved reliability and dramatically reduced costs.


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