Saudi Payments, IBM and MasterCard launch first instant payments system

Meet ‘sarie,’ the first instant payment system developed in record time by IBM in collaboration with a central bank to achieve 70% cashless transactions by 2030.

Technology in financial services

Financial institutions occupy a unique space within society and require modern financial services IT solutions. To gain a competitive advantage, organizations need to provide business continuity, achieve customer-centricity, meet regulatory compliance requirements and stay ahead of cybersecurity risks while offering exceptional customer experiences. A digital transformation helps organizations take advantage of existing data, improve automation and build the tools needed to promote new revenue growth. But to keep up with constantly changing needs, an efficient, secure and agile cloud that leverages the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain and big data is crucial. Let IBM’s long-standing financial services industry expertise help you get started.

Financial services IT solutions case studies

NatWest Group

Helps simplify the process of purchasing a new home through digital transformation. 


Enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty by embarking on a digital transformation with IBM.

State Bank of India

Expands and streamlines its global economic presence with an intelligent platform that puts customers first.

The latest insights in financial services

Discover the financial services IT solutions from IBM to help modernize all aspects of banking and insurance IT infrastructure.