In a world where the definition of financial services is changing, IBM helps combine modern APIs with a fintech ecosystem to create new business models that support revenue growth.

60 Percent

 of global banking executives see competition coming from new and unexpected places.*

How we can help

IBM Garage

Create and scale new, innovative ideas that can dramatically evolve your business to its next chapter.

Digital strategy

Innovate, operate and engage to generate value across your business ecosystem.


Innovate through open banking APIs

Drive digital business with a leading API partner.

Who we work with:


Most people in Vietnam don’t have a bank. Techcombank wants to change that.

Consorzio CBI

Think tank and banks innovate to offer open banking.

CBI Globe

Expands the integration and efficiency of Italy’s payments market.

IBM Technology

Explore the technology designed to help fortify systems, leverage data and streamline operations.


Secure your digital platform and enhance your customer experience with smart cloud solutions.


Add the cognitive power of IBM Watson® to boost all aspects of your banking operations.


Improve your financial services and defend against fraud with data and analytics.


Weave trust and transparency throughout all your financial transactions with blockchain.

Trends and news

The quantum computing revolution

Dramatically speed up complex calculations and improve accuracy.

Accelerating reinvention

Digital banking frameworks create the need to develop new operating models.

Data and the intersection of privacy

How companies collect, store, use and protect customer data is monumental.

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*Source: IBV Study: Accelerating reinvention with digital banking frameworks